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The Environmental Portrait – Photography Workshop

The Environmental Portrait - Photography Workshop

May 18-19, 2013 Spend two days with professional photographer Jared Cruce in ths energizining photographic workshop. From our base in Ashland, Oregon we will prepare for and learn the craft and equipment needed to tackle any location portrait. Then we head out into some of the diverse and eclectic environments around the area. On Day […]

SOU Football – Commerical – “One Team”

SOU Football - Commerical - "One Team"

Jared Cruce studio wrote, produced, directed and edited this commercial spot for Southern Oregon University Football Team. This is the first of a three part series with each spot featuring a different athlete (Running Back, Quarter Back, and Linebacker.)  Working with the team’s coaches and media relations department, we sculpted a “brand” message that is […]

2011 Workshop Schedule

2011 Workshop Schedule

The workshop season is here and we have an awesome schedule of workshops to announce.    Last year was great and this season looks to be even better as we have  added an HD DSLR video workshop to our program.  This will cover equipment, production and shooting for documentary and narrative.  Coming Really Soon! Adventure Photography […]

Feature in Explorers Club “Chronicles”

Feature in Explorers Club "Chronicles"

This month my local chapter of the Explorers Club has featured my expedition / travel work in their online magazine Chronicles This is their second edition, and last month Art Wolfe was featured so it is an honor to follow up a legend like Art. The Explorers Club is pretty distinguished group of adventurers, scientists and people pushing the limits of …well, exploring. If you want to see what pushing the extreme is check out a fellow PNW Explorers Club member Eruc Erden is doing.