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TrackTown12 – a mini doc

Last year we were hired by Jay Jones and Squiddl to shoot motion film (HDDSLR video) at the U.S. Olympic Track and Field trials in Eugene, Oregon.  Over sever rainy, cloudy, sunny and amazing days we shot athletes, inspiration and tribulations.  I’ve  shot pro sports, x-games, and major college football but this event was something […]

SOU Football – Commerical – “One Team”

SOU Football - Commerical - "One Team"

Jared Cruce studio wrote, produced, directed and edited this commercial spot for Southern Oregon University Football Team. This is the first of a three part series with each spot featuring a different athlete (Running Back, Quarter Back, and Linebacker.)  Working with the team’s coaches and media relations department, we sculpted a “brand” message that is […]

Sometimes Taking Pictures Can Be a Lot of Fun.

Sometimes Taking Pictures Can Be a Lot of Fun.

In the life of creating images for a living, sometimes I think to myself, “Well, this is alright.“ It’s like between the constant crushing need to brand yourself, adapt to a radically changing market (as in what the hell market am I in anymore), and shoot a lot of images under a lot of pressure, […]

A Real Pro – CR Johnson

A Real Pro - CR Johnson

Late this February while I was watching the Winter Olympics I heard the sad news of the death of free skiing phenom CR Johnson. CR died while skiing in his backyard, doing what he loved and that is something to be celebrated for sure. I was fortunate enough to hang out with CR in Aspen a couple of years back while shooting the XGames and the Smith team riders. CR stuck out in my mind! He was profoundly humble and seemed mature well beyond his years.