A Real Pro – CR Johnson

April 7th, 2010

CR-Johson Free Skiing PhenomLate this February while I was watching the Winter Olympics I heard the sad news of the death of free skiing phenom CR Johnson.  CR died while skiing in his backyard, doing what he loved and that is something to be celebrated for sure.  I was fortunate enough to hang out with CR in Aspen a couple of years back while shooting the XGames and the Smith team riders.  CR stuck out in my mind!  He was profoundly humble and seemed mature well beyond his years.  I remember during the shoot asking him to do a couple different poses like crossing his arms.  I was shooting from a low angle and playing around with that “badass” athlete sort of look  – which all of these kids certainly were.  Athletically speaking that is!  CR said something like “Sure, but that’s not really me.”  I told him then to just do what feels natural and he put is hands back in his pocket, in the most unassuming and laid back manner.

CR will be missed as a radical skiing innovator and a consumate professional in his sport.  But, I think he’ll be missed even more because he was a supremely genuine and kind person who stood out not because of an ego, but because of his humble nature.

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