Studio & Capabilities

Jared Cruce photography is a full service commercial studio.  Jared is equally comfortable both in studio and on location, and shoots for a diverse range of clientele.  With a decade of experience as a working, professional photographer, Jared understands that commercial photography is first and foremost about meeting the needs of the client. We believe the key components to good business relationships are simple. We do what we promise, for the cost we promise, deliver the best work possible, and do it on time.  Map to our Studio>>


Jared works on both simple and complex projects, and can handle all aspects of your production (such as location scouting, casting, make-up and hair, prop and wardrobe styling, rental and permits, catering, etc.) We believe in making sure all the necessary details and contingencies are covered, while still keeping the shoot as simple as possible to avoid unnecessary costs and complications. We maintain a comprehensive professional two million dollar insurance policy for your protection on any shoot we do.

The Studio

Jared ‘s studio has a shooting area that is 30′ x 35’ (about 1000 square feet) with a 22 foot ceiling and includes a private restroom and a 350 square foot dressing, prep area.  Studio shoots are shot with direct and instantaneous client proofing.  This means approval of images can be made efficiently and accurately, relieving our clients of any unexpected results.  We are conveniently located within walking distance of downtown Ashland near restaurants, hotels, bars and the world famous Shakespeare Festival.  Parking is ample.


Besides a full range of professional digital cameras and lenses we own and maintain a large range of strobes, HD DSLR video equipment, steadicam stabilization, continuous lighting, and grip equipment appropriate to the vast majority of our location and studio needs.


Jared Cruce studio provides complete hi-end professional retouching and compositing services when client concepts or maximum production value dictate.  For over ten years we have developed the digital skills necessary to keep the processes or our work as easy and convenient as possible.  We handle simple to complex retouching in house and our abilities to offer the latest technology retouching insures that your creative vision is met with ease.    For more information and samples >>

Costs and Budget

Our rates are based on the type of job, how the images will be used, the time involved, and the level of difficulty. Projects are bid on a job by job basis. We bid many of our projects on a flat fee basis to keep the process as simple and predictable as possible for the client.    Request an Estimate>>