Way Off the Beaten Path Travel Writer: Vanabonds

April 11th, 2012

Peter Barry

Here at Jared Cruce studios we’re always looking for things that inspire us.  From a great cup of coffee to off the chart artists, inspiration is what keeps us moving and on our toes.  If you’re looking for some personal and perhaps visionary inspiration on how to throw your cell phone into the proverbial lake and set out into the wild blue yonder (i.e. radically change your life and do what you’ve always dreamed of.) look no further than the Blog of our friend Christina Ammon – Vanabonds.

Her blog shares her story as she travels the world on a low budget and describes her travel style as “near to the ground, cheap, and [involving] no agendas, no guidebooks, no home base and little money.” Many of us dream of this type of commitment to a pursuit of adventure and exploration but fail follow through with it. As one blog reader once stated: “I’m glad you are doing it so I don’t have to.”

Her adventures were recently written up on Oregonlive at we’re hoping her blog continues to blow up.  It’s definitely a fun read and puts the world of facebook updates and never ending tweets sort of in a “what the f@#!” is my life all about perspective.  The blog features stories of her travels while living out of her van in various countries (16 thus far).

Chris and I have done some editorial assignments together (her as a writer) and she has hung her hat in Ashland on and off for the past decade.  We’re keeping our eyes peeled for her first novel!  When’s it coming Chris?

For further information about Christina check out her Q & A at Oregon live here.

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