2010 spring and summer workshop schedule

March 4th, 2010

This is busiest we’ve been as far as teaching and we’re doing some new and cool things.  Most notably we’re stoked about the the 3 day workshop on the wild and scenic section of the Rogue River.   We’ll be hooking up with Momentum River Expeditions on one of the prettiest rivers in the northwest if not the continental US.  And, what’s even more cool about this trip is that we’ll be traveling down the remote and rugged river in total style!  Each night we’ll pull off the river (from running the whitewater and shooting the breathtaking scenery and adventure) and stay at one of the way cool lodges parked on the banks of the Rogue.  So for those who love the outdoors but not sleeping on the ground or those that sleep on the ground all the time and feel it’s time to spoil themselves – here’s your chance.  Check out what I’m talking about here.

Gaining “Complete Control” of your Digital SLR in manual mode.

Jump Start covers the technical side of resolution, downloading and re-sizing images, file management and archiving, and output/printing sources. Participants will explore shutter speeds, apertures, and shooting modes and by the end of the course, everyone will be using the camera in manual mode with ease.

Jared will share techniques about composition, lighting, lenses, “real world” gear selection and creativity that help participants feel the thrill of reaching creative visions only dreamed of. He creates an atmosphere in which learning the technical processes of digital photography is fun, and playful expression is encouraged. Mornings are devoted to lectures, discussions, and critiques of the previous day’s work, while afternoons are spent practicing newly acquired skills in and around the picturesque environs of Ashland.


Learn an efficient, easy to follow professional workflow that will allow you to shoot 1000’s of images at a time, archive them, output them to print or web and find them at the drop of the hat weeks or even years later.   Participants will learn the best methods using Adobe Lightroom and Adobe Photoshop, digital storage methods, backing up, color correction, output for print and web, the miracle of metadata and more.

While the Jump Start covers the basics of the camera and digital image editing, this course will go in depth into composition, storytelling, light and more advanced color correction and processing techniques for print and web. – Portraiture, night, time lapse, panorama, macro, action.  We’ll go over all of the gear a pro would use and how to pack for the field.  Shooting images on location in Ashland, students will bring back their work into the studio for discussion and critique.  Jared will discuss the essentials of strobe lighting.  Participants will have the opportunity to present their portfolio and work with Jared to achieve their personal vision and goals.


A rich and rewarding introduction to the world of lighting on location, Jared teaches techniques for lighting with small strobes, large strobes, multiple lights and mixed lighting.  Participants explore the type of gear used for portrait, architecture, product and action work.  Mornings cover demonstrations and lecture and the afternoon is spent shooting on location in the unique settings of Ashland. Students will have the opportunity to try some new gear, learn to use what they have and will definitely have a great understanding of how to accomplish fantastic lighting with both simple and complex lighting kits.

Covering almost everything adventure, including special gear, lenses, cameras, packing, and lighting, this course is for those that can’t just do it, they’ve got to shoot!  Some of the topics covered will be techniques for remote shooting, underwater, mounting cameras, point of view photography, fill lighting and using ambient to your advantage. Students will learn how to tell a story, while capturing unique and compelling perspectives.  Shooting real athletes out in the field in the afternoons, students will have the opportunity to go through a typical adventure assignment and then apply what they learn by shooting it themselves.  Often overlooked, we’ll cover the professional method for capture and storage of images in the field for fault tolerance and redundancy!

SEPT. 5-8         ROGUE RIVER WORKSHOPDigital Photography Workshops - Rogue River Whitewater Lodge Trip
Join professional photographer Jared Cruce for a visual journey down the Rogue River – one of America’s truly wild and scenic rivers.  This trip will be an unforgettable experience as we join Momentum River Expeditions on one of their spectacular “lodge trips.”  Each night after a day of white water, photography and adventure we will overnight at one of the charming riverfront lodges for a gourmet meal, a comfortable bed and plenty of time to live, talk and dream photography.

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