Behind the Scenes of Yala Designs: Fall 2010

June 26th, 2011

In fall 2010, Jared Cruce Studio was approached by a national clothing company working on one of the scariest things a company can do: A total re-branding. Originally called DreamSacks, the mission was simple: take the new name, Yala, and actively create a new look for a new company but still maintain the customer and client base. Working closely with the founders/owners of Yala, Jared Cruce Studio was asked to conceptualize and create a style of imagery that would breath their creative vision and set them apart.

Our studio took on the pre production, location scouting and talent casting with an absolute dream team of talent, locations, and crew we pulled off a heroic shoot All tin less than two months from initial concepts to capture and delivery!


On January 1st, officially launched. The site has seen an incredible amount of activity and now Yala is starting to see all kinds of press. Check out this article written for The Oregonian‘s business section.

With this new image, Yala can now extend themselves further; beyond the DreamSacks moniker and reach out to a world of buyers and supporters. Congratulations to Yala Designs.

You can look forward to more great Jared Cruce Studio/Yala Designs collaborations in the coming months.

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