Busy Working on a New Website

July 10th, 2010

Well it’s been a while since we have done a major update to the website. Our partners at NeonSky have really been  great to work with and we have had blasts of compliments.  I can honestly say that NeonSky is one of the rare companies who has maintained awesome customer service over the life of my time there. I would highly recommend them for Flash based websites.

The time has come though to move forward and into new light.  I can’t wait for it to be up and running.  We’ve got something really special for you guys coming out soon.  Brand new images, totally new site, our fairly new blog will be fired up and fed to all those interested. 

We are most importantly looking to get into a wordpress based system where our work can be seen and heard.  We have partnered with a totally out of the box, visionary company Graph Paper Press and Thad Allender it’s founder and number one genius has developed this site for us from the ground up.  We have taken all the things we loved about our site, improved upon them and then inserted a bunch of killer elements we felt were missing. 

We’ll have a better portfolio page, a cool new look at personal work I haven’t had a place to show before, and our workshops schedule and information will get a smoking new place to live.  We look forward to presenting it in the next few weeks and here your feedback.

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