Photography as Emotional Storytelling – Naked

December 31st, 2010

I was blown away by Claudia Hehr’s portfolio Naked It’s a flash site so I can’t give you a direct link.

Portrait Shot on Assignment - Oregon Photographer Jared Cruce

This is what I shot on the assignment

A month or two ago I was sent on assignment for an east coast publication to make a portrait of a Doctor living in the remote town of Crescent City, CA.  As always, I got a couple copies of the magazine before hand from the editor and began studying the images and work of some of the photographers who had shot for the publication.  For me it’s a great way to evaluate where I am with my work by what company I am keeping.  After an hour or two of checking out websites and portfolios of some great photographers (it’s late night at this point)  I ran into the site of Claudia Hehr a NYC based shooter.  She’s got some great work.  At the end of her site there was a portfolio that really intrigued me and probably would anyone searching the internet late at night.  The portfolio was named “naked.”  It wasn’t what I expected and completely floored me!   Check it out and see for yourself why I was so blown away by this photo essay!  It reminded me a little of my roots in PJ and why I love what I do as a visual artist, telling stories and how powerful photography is! >  Naked

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