Screen Writing Class w/ Director Gary Lundgren

December 31st, 2010

Upcoming Next Month:  January 25th?  2011

Jared Cruce Studio presents:  
Screen Writing Class with Calvin Marshall Writer / Director Gary Lundgren

Attention all you film makers~

Update: Last November and December Jared Cruce Studiohosted an amazing class / workshop by Writer/ Director Gary Lundgren on Directing for the camera. Gary has written a ton of awesome screenplays and recently wrote, directed, and edited the feature Calvin Marshall (available on NetFlix)  The class was incredible and ended up with the direction of a short scene (I shot on the 5D mkii and a steady cam) As far as classes go, my back pocket calculation is that a good workshop will give me about a year of practical learn on your own lessons.  A great workshop will give me about two years of practical hands on knowledge making it well worth the investment.  I would rate last months directors class that I personally took as a great workshop.  In a lot of cases you get what you pay for but for this upcoming class, you are sure to get more than you pay for.  Gary is doing it for dirt cheap!  See Below for contact and registration info.  I digress.

Gary is doing another workshop that Jared Cruce Studio is hosting next month on Screen Writing.  Since the early 2000’s Gary has written about 2 screenplays each year and I would believe him when he says, “This may be the only screen writing class you will ever need to take!”

The class still has openings and will be every Tuesday evening from 6:30pm to 9pm starting  January 25th.  Date to be confirmed.  Contact Gary @ 

Gary Lundgren             

Joma Films LLC        
238 E. Main Street Ste. C
Ashland, OR 97520
M: (310) 463-8655  or for more info and registration

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