Sometimes Taking Pictures Can Be a Lot of Fun.

August 3rd, 2011

In the life of creating images for a living, sometimes I think to myself, Well, this is alright.

It’s like between the constant crushing need to brand yourself, adapt to a radically changing market (as in what the hell market am I in anymore), and shoot a lot of images under a lot of pressure, there is a brief time when you say this to yourself, I’m working my ass off and having fun, while sailing! Last month, was one of those in between times. I got to go shoot for  San Juan Sailing  shooting marketing stills and video, while taking a week long course to get my bareboat charter certificate. (more on that later)

In preparation for the assignment, Sebago, sent me a pair of sailing shoes to put through the ringer.  I’d never heard of Sebago, until my friend KC Guyer, their fit model, turned me onto them and I’ve got to say that they are way cool shoes with a slight European feel.  They were instrumental in clambering up a metal pole that rocked side to side and back and forth.  They also had a badass draining quick dry system that actually worked.  Here are some pics of me on the boat hanging cameras from the spreaders and a portrait of me I had setup for one of my fellow sailors to take.  Sweet pick Julie!

Sebago ShoesSunset in the San Juan's

Climbing the mast on the Botswain's Chair.

Sailing in the San Juans

Assignment: Photograph the sailing school

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