Sometimes Taking Pictures Can Be a Lot of Fun.

In the life of creating images for a living, sometimes I think to myself, Well, this is alright.

It’s like between the constant crushing need to brand yourself, adapt to a radically changing market (as in what the hell market am I in anymore), and shoot a lot of images under a lot of pressure, there is a brief time when you say this to yourself, I’m working my ass off and having fun, while sailing! Last month, was one of those in between times. I got to go shoot for  San Juan Sailing  shooting marketing stills and video, while taking a week long course to get my bareboat charter certificate. (more on that later)

In preparation for the assignment, Sebago, sent me a pair of sailing shoes to put through the ringer.  I’d never heard of Sebago, until my friend KC Guyer, their fit model, turned me onto them and I’ve got to say that they are way cool shoes with a slight European feel.  They were instrumental in clambering up a metal pole that rocked side to side and back and forth.  They also had a badass draining quick dry system that actually worked.  Here are some pics of me on the boat hanging cameras from the spreaders and a portrait of me I had setup for one of my fellow sailors to take.  Sweet pick Julie!

Sebago ShoesSunset in the San Juan's

Climbing the mast on the Botswain's Chair.

Sailing in the San Juans

Assignment: Photograph the sailing school

Todd Davis – Wing Suit Sessions

My good friend Todd sent me some footage of him wing suiting. I will be using a few of the clips for the book trailer I’m producing for Chronicle Books and his 2nd book Handy Dad in the Great outdoors but I thought it would be cool to throw something together that shows how ridiculously fun this “activity” looks. My 5 yr. old daughter has now watched the video about 100 times until I had to cut her off! If this video doesn’t make you want to jump off of something even if its your front porch, then nothing will!

The cameraman Jade is over the top!


Taking Time Lapse to the next step

My friend and photographer / film maker Carson Garner has been taking HD DSLR filmmaking to the next level in a very short time.  Check out his recent timelapse and his work over at  He’s a really bright guy with a great eye his projects really show it.

Todd Davis is the Handy Dad!

Well I now know that KIDS RULE!  And, being a kid once myself I am reminding myself to act more like one!

The Handy Dad


I just finished shooting one of the most fun, energetic and pretty much over the top projects I’ve ever done. And the great thing was that it involved kids, families and my great friend Todd Davis. Todd is the author of the Handy Dad series of books published by Chronicle Books and this is his second book. As a sequel to the best selling Handy Dad, Todd talked me into (in about 3 sentences) shooting the hero shots for Handy Dad in the Great Outdoors.

Background on Todd:  Extreme skiing, snowboarding, wing suiter, with his own TV show on the HGTV network called Room Crashers. Check out the article here.  He also owns  a very cool design business

Well, I worked around Todd’s insane TV production schedule which was about every day for the last year (acutally we tried to shoot kids in the outdoors about 3 times in the winter, which was kinda dumb) we shot in San Francisco and finally finished it up last week in perfect weather here in Oregon.

It was an epic adventure of laughter, energy, late night editing, dusk to dawn shooting, and me going “is that a little over the top?” and Todd going “that’s perfect!”  In about a week we pulled off about a years worth of crazy, cool images of kids having a hell of a lot of fun.

I thought I’d share some of the out takes with you over over a couple days.  This shot is a long exposure where I framed the Golden Gate and SF (Todd lives in the city),  he took a red flashlight and light painted the word Handy Dad and then stood over on the left and I popped him with a softbox.  Looks like a bunch of photoshop, but it wasn’t.  Enjoy!


Behind the Scenes of Yala Designs: Fall 2010

In fall 2010, Jared Cruce Studio was approached by a national clothing company working on one of the scariest things a company can do: A total re-branding. Originally called DreamSacks, the mission was simple: take the new name, Yala, and actively create a new look for a new company but still maintain the customer and client base. Working closely with the founders/owners of Yala, Jared Cruce Studio was asked to conceptualize and create a style of imagery that would breath their creative vision and set them apart.

Our studio took on the pre production, location scouting and talent casting with an absolute dream team of talent, locations, and crew we pulled off a heroic shoot All tin less than two months from initial concepts to capture and delivery!


On January 1st, officially launched. The site has seen an incredible amount of activity and now Yala is starting to see all kinds of press. Check out this article written for The Oregonian‘s business section.

With this new image, Yala can now extend themselves further; beyond the DreamSacks moniker and reach out to a world of buyers and supporters. Congratulations to Yala Designs.

You can look forward to more great Jared Cruce Studio/Yala Designs collaborations in the coming months.

2011 Workshop Schedule

The workshop season is here and we have an awesome schedule of workshops to announce.    Last year was great and this season looks to be even better as we have  added an HD DSLR video workshop to our program.  This will cover equipment, production and shooting for documentary and narrative.  2011 Digital Photography & Film Workshop Schedule

Coming Really Soon!

Adventure Photography Workshop  May 13-15

Rafting / Photography / Lodge Stay

Also, we are again offering one of the coolest photo courses available – a white water rafting trip / lodge stay / photo workshop on what many consider to be the premiere multi-day wilderness river in the US, the Rogue River.  Check out the Rogue River Workshop for more details.

Last year many of the workshops sold out so book early to insure your spot.

Ashland, OR    A hidden Gem of a Place!

Ashland, Oregon is an amazing vacation spot with the mountains, Crater Lake, the coast, rivers all right there!  The small town is nestled in the mountains, has all qualities of lodging from B&B’s to inexpensive motels, quaint shopping, awesome dining, Lithia Park and the prolific and award winning Shakespeare Festival.  Best of all most of the courses are held in Ashland in or near our studio, so pretty much you can walk from your hotel, to class, to dinner, to a play and to bed!

Workshop Schedule 2011:

Adventure Photography May 13-15
Location Lighting June 24-26
Rogue River Workshop September 16-19
HD DSLR Video Workshop  October 7-9

Discount for Multiple Classes and Professional Associations

We offer a 15% discount to students who take multiple courses *  See our About the Workshops page.  We are also offering a 10% discount to ASMP members as well as members of Southern Oregon Film and Television  – SOFAT.

Please contact us if you are a member and we’ll hook you up with a discount code!


Professional Screenwriting Class – January 25th 2011

Professional Screenwriting Workshop

Professional Screenwriting Workshop

Coming up this Month!

Jared Cruce studio is hosting a screen writing course with “Calvin Marshall” Director and Writer Gary Lundgren.

Spaces are still available but we recommend you make bookings quickly as space is limited.   Register and Info here >>>Reserve a Spot for Screenwriting Workshop.

Bald Eagles

Today I got up at 4:30am to shoot some cool Bald Eagle footage for Director Joel Lesko’s upcoming documentary.  In the 11 deg. weather we shot some great video in the amazing freezing fog of the Klammath Wildlife Refuge.  I snapped off a couple stills as well and thought I’d share.  Check out the frozen branches!

Bald Eagle - Klammath Wildlife Refuge

Bald Eagle - Klammath Wildlife Refuge

The Janks Music Video – Hands of Time: A Behind the Scene Snippet

UPDATE 2: For those that didn’t get to see the footage, here’s another version cut with an already released song, “Long Way Home”. The more I listen to these guys, the more I love them. Can’t wait for the new album to drop in April.

UPDATE: We accidentally jumped the gun a bit. The band and the real video shoot were so sweet but we just need to give the band time to release the song properly. We will have an altered version of the snippet up soon with a different sound track, until “Hands of Time” can be properly introduced. I guess this makes for good propaganda and viral marketing. Check back soon to view the footage.

A couple weeks ago my friend Gary Lundgren (writer /director – Calvin Marshall starring Steve Zahn) and his long time DP Patrick Neary (dp on Calvin Marshall) shot a video for a ridiculously cool band from LA  “The Janks.” The video was a 1930’s sort of speak easy concept and Patrick shot it on his 1940’s hand cranked 35mm camera.  I’ve never seen anything like it.  Gary invited me down to hang out with the crew as “2nd AC” and I was able to shoot a few stills and some motion clips I thought I’d share with you.

Pat is an amazing DP and I really was impressed with not only his skill as a cinematographer, but how calm he was shooting a world war II era camera, with limited stock on hand and no budget or room for errors or screwups.  I’d of been totally gripped.  There were about 70 people including crew and cast and everyone had a blast.

The band, a super talented and fun group, is releasing their first album and Gary and Pat are producing a few videos for it.  I can’t wait to see the footage.  I’ll pass it along when it’s out.

I recommend checking out the movie Calvin Marshall – it’s a great coming of age baseball movie and was shot in Southern Oregon in 2008.

Photography as Emotional Storytelling – Naked

I was blown away by Claudia Hehr’s portfolio Naked It’s a flash site so I can’t give you a direct link.

Portrait Shot on Assignment - Oregon Photographer Jared Cruce

This is what I shot on the assignment

A month or two ago I was sent on assignment for an east coast publication to make a portrait of a Doctor living in the remote town of Crescent City, CA.  As always, I got a couple copies of the magazine before hand from the editor and began studying the images and work of some of the photographers who had shot for the publication.  For me it’s a great way to evaluate where I am with my work by what company I am keeping.  After an hour or two of checking out websites and portfolios of some great photographers (it’s late night at this point)  I ran into the site of Claudia Hehr a NYC based shooter.  She’s got some great work.  At the end of her site there was a portfolio that really intrigued me and probably would anyone searching the internet late at night.  The portfolio was named “naked.”  It wasn’t what I expected and completely floored me!   Check it out and see for yourself why I was so blown away by this photo essay!  It reminded me a little of my roots in PJ and why I love what I do as a visual artist, telling stories and how powerful photography is! >  Naked